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How does multimedia enhance our messaging?Multi-Media-512x-1

Multimedia appeals fully to our senses of sight and sound.  Because we live in an age of new media, reading large chunks of plain text is unappealing to the average person.  Sometimes a picture captures what text cannot and video creates an immediacy that only excellent writers can capture through text.  Multimedia is used with all aspects of new media.  I have a Twitter account and I enjoy the many pictures that most users post with their tweets.  At present, it is the Carnival season in Trinidad and one of the soca artistes, Machel Montano, has released new music using audio files on Twitter to which I enjoy listening.   Multimedia has bi-sensory appeal and this aids in grabbing and maintaining the audience’s attention.

Are certain multimedia techniques more effective than others?

According to Sundar (2000), research conducted by scholars using the ‘separate streams’ concept shows that auditory information is more effective than visual information.  Nonetheless, written messages can be reread for clarification and recollection.  On the other hand, research exploring ‘redundancy’ supports the view that information presented in multiple modalities has a greater chance of reaching its intended audience than a message conveyed in a single modality (Sundar, 2000).

Research into the efficiency of multimedia is contradictory, as some believe it aids with the effectiveness of the message, while others believe that it retards recollection and results in sensory overload (Sundar, 2000).  However, I agree with the view that multimedia in messages on the World Wide Web provides users with multiple options to access information and allows them to do so based on their particular learning styles.  Though I enjoy multimedia, when I am learning I welcome text that I can reread and highlight.  However, when using video and audio, I take notes by pausing, rewinding and noting important details.  Some people are auditory, others visual, while some require both.  Multimedia provides choice.

To support your argument, provide examples of at least 2 sites (link to them) that use multimedia elements and explain why they are/aren’t effective.

182px-Time_Magazine_logo.svgSince I began doing this degree I have enjoyed going to the TIME website for research as it employs video, lots of pictures and is well organised. In the lead article on the site today ‘Why the Supreme Court is Set to Make History on Gay Marriage’ by David Von Drehle, there are links to related articles, many pictures and videos.  The reader can choose to read extensively on the topic, watch video or just read the basic story.  The site’s users have a choice on how they access the message.

The local newspaper that I often read online is the Trinidad Express.  In order to access the full newspaper, readers pay a subscripExpress Ltion fee.  Nonetheless, what is accessible to the average reader is basic. Each story has text and a picture but there are no links to related stories in the text, nor is there videos embedded from the TV6 television station, which is part of the One Caribbean Media Corporation with which they are both affiliated.  The lead story on January 17, 2014 ‘COURT MIX-UP: Only AG and his attorney were informed’ by Ria Taitt Political Editor, only has text and a picture of an email.  The picture itself is not very engaging.  In addition, there are advertisements on both side margins and at the top of the page that are very distracting.

While the TIME site employs multimedia much more effectively, by including pictures the Trinidad Express makes some effort at bi-sensory appeal.


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